Kingmaker - Frugalia

The assassination of the fat bastard

Kairon was posted at the Inn to keep an eye on the questionable Friar the group had encountered earlier in the day. Sergei and Yurg saw fit to make him disappear. The ORIGINAL plan was to take him out quietly and without a mess. Things didnt go as planned. Sergei tried to sneak up on the man but he didnt knock him out as intended. So the Friar took a potion of invisibility to try to make an escape. Sergei took a mighty swing with his axe and managed to behead the man which made the murder scene much more conspicuous… Thankfully, The Peoples Assassin was able to clean the mess and keep things quiet from anyone who might look down on such actions like say Tristanis…


CaptainBeikoku Ultimate3711

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