Kingmaker - Frugalia

Tristanis' Task List

Hello Joe,
Just wanted to get this up. Other than adventuring and running the kingdom Tristanis would be involved in a few other tasks that I would like to pursue:

1. He would be working on taming and training his Owlbear cub. The Cub would be kept in the Castles lower levels, but not in squallier. He would be well cared for and contact would be daily. I would make every effort to take him out in the countryside away from the farms and see about helping him learn to hunt. I would ask Akiros if he could introduce me to the Fae lady again and see if she might be able to help this creature with me.

2. I would be involved heavily in the temple and regularly attend services. I would also interface on a regular basis with the followers of Eristil in town. I would help provide healing services free of charge to the populace if it does not take away too much funding from the church.

3. I would be working with Akiros on his atonement. I would not be overtly pushy but would be persistent if he showed interest and desire. I would confer with the High Priest (Johd i think) in how we might be able to start working towards his atonement. I will not make it a very public ordeal and very much on the downlow. I will continue to guide him as long as his intentions are to atone.


CaptainBeikoku arcticfox6

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