Kingmaker - Frugalia

Eight legged freaks...

Heh Heh Heh. Yurg not so acrobatic this time. Fell into pit of acid and lost all gear heh heh heh. Anyway I heard trickling water beyond pit so we throw Peoples Assassin to help get across. We find another room with small pool and throw light rocks to maybe see enemy or exit. No enemy so we go down and find passages leading back to room with webs and fungi ass holes. Yurg usually fine being in front but lack of armor and shit maybe not so good idea so Sergei decide it best for Tristannis to lead… We search around other passages and find desembowled corpse with half of very nice armor and fucking scary ring. Fucking thing lets you take control of animal but then makes animal turn on you in rage… Not bad… heh heh heh. We also find owl bear corpse with cubs also dead except for one which Tristannis seems to want to keep… After looking around and finding not much of any fucking value (grumble grumble) we decide to “clear out web room”. Now there not many things that make Sergei uneasy. Spiders are not favorite thing of Sergei… Sergei know enough about webs to know theres going to be fucking spiders and sure enough a whole fucking army of the assholes were in there. The fungi seemed to alert them but then Sorgen used his new lightning stick to free them and really piss off the spiders… I had to use last fire necklace stone and burned most of enemies but we had to resort to weapons to kill them. I got webbed otherwise I would have run like bitch like Kairon. Fortunately stupid spiders couldnt hit me very easily even being stuck in web.

After we cleared room (and again found NOTHING) we went forth to see other rooms that Yurg had found which ALSO had FUCKING WEBS!!! Sure enough we found more god damn spiders and some other pink things but they were not scary…. I mean hard to kill. We disposed of these enemies rather quickly but not before I almost killed Tristannis… Im sure he could tell I not fond of spiders but he HAD to attack first; it his fault he got in way of axe… Besides he can touch himself and be healed so he fine.

We returned to Frugalia with head and hands (and cub) of beast to delight of people. After being able to rest I realized my fear… uh dislike of spiders made me forget about studying my enemies to kill better. I must not let my emotions get in way of killing shit… I will train during down time to make self harder to kill…


CaptainBeikoku Ultimate3711

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