Kingmaker - Frugalia

The Nations of Golarion, pt.1


Infernal Cheliax (pronounced CHEL-ee-ax) remains, without a doubt, one of the most powerful nations on Golarion and it continues to maintain naval control over the profitable Inner Sea. Nevertheless, as important as the nation may be at the current time, it pales in comparison to its former Imperial glories. Today, in the eyes of most external observers in other parts of the Inner Sea, Cheliax suffers from extreme diabolism and a tyranny which prevent it from truly achieving its full potential. Internal observers, including the new nobility of Cheliax, firmly believe that Asmodeus and Hell serve Cheliax and assist in maintaining the power necessary for Cheliax to assume its rightful role among the leading nations of the Inner Sea.

Since the Thrune Ascendancy of 4640 AR, Cheliax has been ruled by House Thrune along with a new configuration of noble houses made up of those willing to follow the philosophy of Diabolism. Much of the power of House Thrune was gained through the initial bargain struck between Abrogail Thrune and the rulers of Hell although rumors abound that additional pacts have been made since that time in the quest for still greater power. Currently Queen Abrogail II rules Cheliax with the aid and support of her infernal regent General Gorthoklek.

Governmental policy within Cheliax is focussed upon maintaining order and quelling dissent. This is in direct response to the 30 years of internecine warfare and chaos that proceeded the Thrune Ascendancy as well as the absolute order inherent in the support of Hell. There is a great deal of physical peace and order which allows the lives of ordinary citizens to proceed normally, but it carries a high moral price. Cheliax is far from the abomination of twisted evil imagined by many outsiders, but it does not allow room for any dissent. Nationalistic feelings run deep and are practically required to avoid suspicion. Ambition causes normal citizens to turn in those that they suspect as traitors to Imperial Cheliax for the perceived promise of wealth and advancement. Organized secular and religious forces such as the Hellknights and the Inquisitors further strive to quell any organized dissent.

The laws of Cheliax are based upon the Asmodean Disciplines which also serve as the primary religious text for the Church of Asmodeus. Many of these laws are not enforced, and may not even be enforceable, but they serve the purpose of the government by allowing the prompt removal of undesireable elements of society under some perceived or interpreted infraction.

The capital of Cheliax is Egorian.

Imperial Cheliax covers a large part of southwestern Avistan and, although currently less than half its former size, it is still one of the largest countries in the Inner Sea region. Cheliax can be roughly divided into six main areas of similar society and outlook.
The West: The hills of Devil’s Perch and the settlement of Pezzack are the home of the Strix, a race of winged humanoids. These fliers protect their homeland diligently although more from a dislike of any foreign rule as much as distaste for the current House of Thrune and its organized devil worship.
The Northwest: The Ravounel Forest, the North Plains and the settlement of Kintargo in the northwest are the least insular areas of Cheliax and therefore subject to the most outside influence and contact.
The North: The Menador Mountains are the religious homeland of Cheliax. It is also the home to scores of Hellknights prepared for a life of unending servitude by the unforgiving nature of the land they inhabit.
The Heartland: The Whisper Woods, the Barrowood and the Central Plains are the heartland of Cheliax.
The East: The Aspodell Mountains and the River Keld form a natural eastern border to Cheliax.
The South: The Inner Sea forms the southern border of Cheliax and port cities built upon bluffs dot the coast.

The current capital, Egorian, rests near the center of the nation on the banks of Lake Sorrow. North of the lake stands the Barrowood, and the River Adivian flows south from the lake, past Westpool and East Rikkan, into Gemcrown Bay past Westcrown. Cheliax maintains a foothold in Garund as well, holding the southern end of the Arch of Aroden (the province of Kharijite) and thus controlling access to the Inner Sea. Some of its Imperial holdings remain under Chelaxian control as well, including Nidal. It’s more distant holdings are the Garundi colony of Sargava (although Sargava has escaped from Chelaxian rule, at least for the moment) and Anchor’s End in far-off Arcadia.

Three-quarters of Cheliax’s human population are ethnic Chelaxians , and the pale-skinned Chelish believe themselves superior to all other peoples. Their contact with great devils gives them power beyond measure, and no other nation of the Inner Sea can compete with their summoners and warlocks when it comes to trafficking with dark forces. These devils require payment for their service, often offered up in the form of tender flesh and boiled blood. Tieflings enjoy an unusual status in Cheliax, often seen as subordinate to humans by the Chelish diabolists. Slaves are an important resource of the Chelish as are artifacts of ancient power whose secrets are revealed to them by their timeless patrons. Even as Andoran revels in its newfound freedom, the tendrils of Cheliax’s empire continue to expand. Arcadia lays open before them and Sargava is ready to fall under their hellish sway.

Tristanis' Task List

Hello Joe,
Just wanted to get this up. Other than adventuring and running the kingdom Tristanis would be involved in a few other tasks that I would like to pursue:

1. He would be working on taming and training his Owlbear cub. The Cub would be kept in the Castles lower levels, but not in squallier. He would be well cared for and contact would be daily. I would make every effort to take him out in the countryside away from the farms and see about helping him learn to hunt. I would ask Akiros if he could introduce me to the Fae lady again and see if she might be able to help this creature with me.

2. I would be involved heavily in the temple and regularly attend services. I would also interface on a regular basis with the followers of Eristil in town. I would help provide healing services free of charge to the populace if it does not take away too much funding from the church.

3. I would be working with Akiros on his atonement. I would not be overtly pushy but would be persistent if he showed interest and desire. I would confer with the High Priest (Johd i think) in how we might be able to start working towards his atonement. I will not make it a very public ordeal and very much on the downlow. I will continue to guide him as long as his intentions are to atone.

Brevoy Gazetteer
I swear I've heard of this before...


Brevoy is a relatively young nation, having only existed for the past three hundred years. The history of Brevoy before this time is the history of two often-warring nations, Issia and Rostland. The coming of Choral the Conqueror in 4499 AR changed all this. He arrived on the shores of Needle Lake, the current Lake Reykal, accompanied by a ragged band of soldiers and knights numbering just over three hundred. After his arrival he declared the creation of a new nation called Brevoy that would encompass much of the land that was then Issia and Rostland. This declaration was almost completely ignored by both nations as neither perceived Choral as a threat. Rostland eventually had to deal with Choral when he began sending tax collectors from his settlement of New Stetven to force the citizens to support his usurping government. They sent a small army to deal with the proud warlord.

Rostland’s army seriously underestimated Choral’s cunning, and their army walked into an ambush. They were lured into a river canyon south of New Stetven where Choral unleashed his secret allies, a pair of enormous red dragons. Their flames devastated the Rostland army as it was trapped in the canyon with no way to escape. There were few survivors. After this the dragons rampaged across much of Rostland proper, forcing its leaders to surrender within days. Seeing the devastation Choral caused in Rostland, the Issian lords surrendered immediately, declaring themselves to be a part of his new aristocracy and eventually creating House Rogarvia.

Choral only ruled his new land for a decade before disappearing, leaving his descendants to rule until 4699 AR using the threat of the conqueror’s return and his fearsome dragon allies to maintain their power. The dragons seemingly disappeared after Brevoy’s creation, but they returned once to lay siege to Skywatch, an observatory-come-fortress held by those still loyal to Rostland.

The Rogarvians’ rule ended with the mysterious disappearance of every member of House Rogarvia in 4699 AR, leaving Brevoy free, but in a precarious political position.2

The nation of Brevoy is currently ruled by King Noleski Surtova of House Surtova. At his side sits his sister, Natala Surtova, who reigns as an unofficial Queen, ostensibly only until the bachelor-King Noleski marries—something which the populace has been hoping he will do. House Surtova has returned to leadership in the vaccuum created by Rogarvia’s disappearance.3 Hundreds of years ago, they ruled Issia, one of the former kingdoms that now comprises Brevoy.3

Until 4699 AR the kingdom was ruled over by members of House Rogarvia who were all descendants of Choral the Conquerer. They were brutish rulers and it seemed that the people obeyed them more out of fear of Choral’s old red dragon allies than out of real loyalty. Suddenly, in 4699 AR, exactly two hundred years after Choral the Conquerer had created the nation of Brevoy, every member of the house of Rogarvia within Brevoy’s border simply disappeared.

Taking advantage of their old enemies’ misfortune, the Surtovas, who were renowned as crafty schemers and had already ingratiated themselves with the ruling house of Rogarvia, claimed rulership of Brevoy. They have only maintained this rule by allying with former enemies and using fear of the return of Rogarvia as a tool to unite Brevoy and its seven noble families. Still, some Houses, such as House Orlovsky, only acknowledge Noleski as reigning Lord Regent and diplomatic relations are growing tense.3 Increasingly, it appears that Brevoy is on the verge of collapsing back into two separate nations.24

Noble Families

House Garess “Strong as the Mountains”

House Lebeda “Success Through Grace”

House Lodovka “The Waters, Our Fields”

House Medvyed “Endurance Overcomes All”

House Orlovsky “High Above”

House Rogarvia “With Sword and Flame”

House Surtova “Ours Is the Right”

Languages Spoken
Common, Taldan, Hallit, Skald, Varisian, Draconic

Major Religions
Abadar, Erastil (Rare), Gorum, Lamashtu (outlawed), Pharasma

Abadar is the most unifying religious force in Brevoy as many respect him and all have interactions with his followers each time they travel to the markets. Merchants and tradespeople are Abadar’s most diligent worshipers in Brevoy, and his temples are places for judgement and trade. Those who bear Abadar’s golden key are often given recognition as neutral arbiters or judges.

Gorum’s household priests often serve Brevoy’s nobility and often walk around dressed in gaudy dark red tabards.

Pharasma is most beloved by Brevoy’s common people. Pharasma’s clerics are also the most simple, serving as midwives, healers, and mortician-monks. 6

Cloth, exotic curiosities, spices.

Copper, fur, fish and shellfish, grain, iron, salt, timber.

Brevoy’s main geographical features are the Lake of Mists and Veils that forms its northern border and the Icerime Peaks on its eastern border with Old Iobaria.

Other notable geographic features include the mountains of Eagle’s Watch in the country’s center and the Golushkin Mountains on Brevoy’s western border with Numeria, Acuben Isle that hosts the city of Winterbreak and that borders Winterbreak Bay, the city of Eagle’s Watch on the majestic Mount Veshka, the melted Valley of Fire where Aldori rebels had their last stand against Choral the Conqueror, and Brevoy’s Lake Reykal, where just over 200 years ago the capital of New Stetven was built on the ruins of the old Taldan settlement of Stetven.

The farthest point north in Brevoy is the highly inaccessible Claw Point, on the edge of Iobaria. The farthest point south is where the city of Restov meets the Shrike River.

Major rivers in Brevoy include the Awzera River that flows east into Lake Reykal across the lands of House Garess and House Lebeda, the East Sellen River that flows south out of the Icerime Peaks, through the Gronzi Forest, into Lake Reykal and then down south past New Stetven into the River Kingdoms.

Brevoy’s geography differs markedly between the country’s northern and southern reaches. The change in geography marks the old boundary between the kingdoms of old Issia and Rostland. The northern part of Brevoy, the former kingdom of Issia, is mostly rugged hills that are unsuitable for agriculture. South of the massive Gronzi Forest lies what was once Rostland. This area, the Rostland Plains, consists of rolling fertile grassland and is thought of as the breadbasket of the north.

Eagle’s Watch
New Stetven
Port Ice

Eight legged freaks...

Heh Heh Heh. Yurg not so acrobatic this time. Fell into pit of acid and lost all gear heh heh heh. Anyway I heard trickling water beyond pit so we throw Peoples Assassin to help get across. We find another room with small pool and throw light rocks to maybe see enemy or exit. No enemy so we go down and find passages leading back to room with webs and fungi ass holes. Yurg usually fine being in front but lack of armor and shit maybe not so good idea so Sergei decide it best for Tristannis to lead… We search around other passages and find desembowled corpse with half of very nice armor and fucking scary ring. Fucking thing lets you take control of animal but then makes animal turn on you in rage… Not bad… heh heh heh. We also find owl bear corpse with cubs also dead except for one which Tristannis seems to want to keep… After looking around and finding not much of any fucking value (grumble grumble) we decide to “clear out web room”. Now there not many things that make Sergei uneasy. Spiders are not favorite thing of Sergei… Sergei know enough about webs to know theres going to be fucking spiders and sure enough a whole fucking army of the assholes were in there. The fungi seemed to alert them but then Sorgen used his new lightning stick to free them and really piss off the spiders… I had to use last fire necklace stone and burned most of enemies but we had to resort to weapons to kill them. I got webbed otherwise I would have run like bitch like Kairon. Fortunately stupid spiders couldnt hit me very easily even being stuck in web.

After we cleared room (and again found NOTHING) we went forth to see other rooms that Yurg had found which ALSO had FUCKING WEBS!!! Sure enough we found more god damn spiders and some other pink things but they were not scary…. I mean hard to kill. We disposed of these enemies rather quickly but not before I almost killed Tristannis… Im sure he could tell I not fond of spiders but he HAD to attack first; it his fault he got in way of axe… Besides he can touch himself and be healed so he fine.

We returned to Frugalia with head and hands (and cub) of beast to delight of people. After being able to rest I realized my fear… uh dislike of spiders made me forget about studying my enemies to kill better. I must not let my emotions get in way of killing shit… I will train during down time to make self harder to kill…

The Tale of Splug and the Glowing Mushroom

Fresh off their conquest of a little glowing island in the nearby lake, where Tug McTiggertag was being held and tortured, the party returns to their gleaming capitol city of Frugalia only to find their pristine sanctuary has been spoiled. The wall has a whole larger than the one left in the the party’s heart by Xilgarth’s departure. Some of Frugalia’s most vaunted institutions have taken damage, including Svetlana’s Mercy and that one house we built as a prerequisite for a marketplace. Thankfully, the damage is not beyond the considerable skill of our wheat-fed craftsmen. Frugalia will recover.

After questioning Gob, who still contends he was not blue-ing himself when we walked in on him last time, reveals that Frugalia was assaulted by an enormous Owlbear. “Most odd was the fact that the Owlbear was wearing mail. Most odd indeed. I managed to color spray the beast to no effect. Though I did make his armor more pleasant to look at. Quite in right now, colorful armor is”, he said, further convincing the party that Valthrun should never be invited to the ruling council. “By the way, someone lost a hand as well. Now he’ll wish he could blue himself too.” “Can’t tell the difference between Akiros and Kestin even when I’m sober”, thoguh Jurg, “Not about to try right now. Either way, if he can’t defend the fucking city, he deserves to lose a hand. Maybe we should chop off his other hand to keep him balanced. Papi always said symmetry was important.”

The group made sure that Ricky 2 was still parading the Manticore tail around town to keep spirits high, then left in pursuit. After rolling far in excess of the check needed to track a huge Owlbear, the party followed the trail to a cave located to the South East of the town. Or at least what would be South East if the authors of Kingmaker had any common sense when creating their maps.

The party entered the cave and was promptly engulfed by a wave of Owlbear shit-stank. Descending into a large cavern, the party found a sea of mushrooms waiting for them. the party quickly devised a cunning plan whereby they would use Sorgen as bait while the other’s hid amongst the fungi. The party quickly grew tired of this plan and left Sorgen out in the open as they started chopping down mushrooms and exploring side-chambers. Jurg “encouraged” Splug to eat one, noting how much cooler Splug would be if he did it. As soon as Splug cut into a large glowing blue mushroom (which probably would have tasted great) the mushroom let out a shriek. Most odd indeed. Assuming this obvious alarm system would have no impact on their immediate situation, the party continued dicking around undaunted.

Sergei peeked down the hallway on the left and found a bunch of spiders. Tristanis peeked down the hallway on the right and found a Shambling Mound. “In the name of [our dead dog], I shall not rest until this foul beast is smote. have at thee!” shouted Tristanis and he proceeded to hack away at the mound. As the rest of the party was rushing over to join the fight against the evil shrub, they heard a rumbling from the hallway. Realizing too late that the shrieking mushroom could have alerted other beasts, the party turned to face the new foe. The mound, realizing that it was basically just a large bush and was out matched in any case, shambled away in fear. On the other side of the room, a couple mushroom men pulled root and ran for the spider den…

(Battle sounds)

After the battle with the Owlbear, the party around lay panting. “That was all just kind of a blur” said Jurg “All I remember is critting for 61 damage.” “A mighty blow indeed” said Tristanis, “I remember Sorgen over there using his get-out-of-jail free card when the beast tried to grapple him. Alas, I was not so lucky as to possess that magic card.” “I hit thing”, said Sergei. “Truer words never spoken.” Replied Tristanis, " Now, I’ve got a branch to pick with that Mound." The rest of the group moaned in protest, though whether it was over the terrible pun or that fact that they had almost just died, no one will ever know.

The party lustily chopped the head and hands from the fallen beasty so that Ricky 3 could have some visual aids when spreading the good word. They turned to hunt the Mound, who fell quickly. “Masters kill tree. Masters no make Splug eat mushroom now?”, eulogized Splug. “How cool or uncool you are is not my foremost concern” said Sorgen “Master Jurg may think otherwise. Free yourself from the bonds of peer pressure and do as you feel is right”. “Fuck that, you’re gonna eat it and your gonna like it” said Jurg. “Mushroom eating will have to wait”, said Sergei “We have hole in ground to crawl through”

And so Splug once again escaped his fungal fate as the party, led by the fearless and handsome Jurg, crawled down a tunnel in the side of the cavern, where Jurg promptly fell into a pit of corrosive slime and lost literally all his gear. Fucking great, thanks Joe. The end.

The assassination of the fat bastard

Kairon was posted at the Inn to keep an eye on the questionable Friar the group had encountered earlier in the day. Sergei and Yurg saw fit to make him disappear. The ORIGINAL plan was to take him out quietly and without a mess. Things didnt go as planned. Sergei tried to sneak up on the man but he didnt knock him out as intended. So the Friar took a potion of invisibility to try to make an escape. Sergei took a mighty swing with his axe and managed to behead the man which made the murder scene much more conspicuous… Thankfully, The Peoples Assassin was able to clean the mess and keep things quiet from anyone who might look down on such actions like say Tristanis…

The Chronicle
for those too drunk to remember everything

This section is where each player can post either session summaries or stories of past adventures.

Anyone who posts something, whether it is a tale of something funny or memorable from the campaign for us to remember or something useful and relevant to the next session, will receive a one-time-use token for +2 to any D20 roll.


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